What to Look for in a Business Coach

Hiring a Business Coach is a daunting task, as your company depends on what you will learn. But here is some advice:

  1. A good attitude comes with time and experience. The right coach will have been through a number of different trials, but will be optimistic and have a good attitude towards success. This is what my friend at Roswell Roofing Company preaches on a weekly basis to succeed.
  2. Experience is critical, they need real life experiences in a variety of situations, they need to have failed and succeeded to gain their insight.
  3. Are they willing to be open and transparent? Will they share their experiences with you, both good and bad? You do not want them to hold back.
  4. Honesty. You need to be willing to have your coach be blunt and honest. You need to listen to their advice.
  5. But you also need them to hold you accountable to the decisions and goals you have set for yourself and your business. A good coach will take a genuine interest in your success.
  6. Are they accessible to you? Ask them how much time they have to offer, does this fit with what you and your business need?
  7. Connections are a nice bonus. Who do they know? Can they introduce you to other leaders in your field, or open doors for you?
  8. A critical thing is the coach’s expectations. Ask how they work, what do they expect of you, do they expect you to take all of their advice, will they take it personally if you do not? You need to be willing to keep expectations clear.
  9. Do they enjoy coaching other? Their head needs to be in the game, they need to like to help others and see them succeed. Do they enjoy the process?
  10. And a small thing but important, consider your weak areas before looking outward. Are you weak in something, a skill set, an action? Find someone who’s stronger in your weak areas and can support you.